Sunday, May 8, 2011

Last day of sunshine

My last day in California . . . :(  I'm really going to miss the sunshine.  But, I also missed my animals, so I'll be glad to see them.

Again we got late start--although i was up at 7.  We drove to the Cannery District in Monterey.  It was lunch time when we got there so we checked in at the hotel and then got something to eat.  We ate at some Mexican place that i can't remember the name of (it was the one that you thought had the world's best salsa, mom.  although, haha, I didn't even like the salsa).  But, the food was good.  The annoying this is that they put the calories right next to the food though . . . I ate chicken enchiladas (really fatty enchiladas).  Dad had a taco salad.



The Mexican restaurant

So a few minutes after we ate I got really sick.  I was standing in the After the Quake store and then my stomach started to hurt so I stood there for a couple of minutes with my arms crossed hoping it would go away . . . well it didn't.  I must say it was slightly convenient that I got sick because dad wanted to go to this really pretty scenery that was like an hour away--so we would have spent over two extra hours in the car :(  But, thank goodness we didn't end up going!  I did want to see it . . . but I didn't want to waste all that time in the car.  We just spent the afternoon looking at all the shops in the cannery district.

This is a view of the cannery district from the car :)

This is the tunnel/bridge we walked through several times--it was really cool and there were a bunch of shops on both sides on several floors.

Here's me with a really cool stained glass window.

So after we walked around the Cannery District for just a little bit and then we went to the beach.  Several people recommended that we go to a certain state park for shells and there were like no shells at all.  Yes it was pretty, but hardly any shells.

There was this really pretty lime green . . . thing (I can't remember the name of it . . . anemone maybe?)  It's in the center of the pic under the water

Then we went to Fisheman's Wharf and dad looked around for a few minutes.  And then we went back to the Cannery District to get some fudge--I had a real craving for fudge.  Then we went back to our hotel, the Quality Inn.  It may have been smaller than America's Best Value, but it was a little nicer.  So then we leave CA at noon tomorrow (or I guess now that would be today . . .I started writing this last night).

To my mom:  Happy Mother's Day!!!! I love you so much and I"ll see you soon . . . ish.

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