Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fisherman's Wharf

Yesterday it was finally warm all day!  I think the high was somewhere around 90, yay!  So, after my dad's conference was over we went to fisherman's wharf.

Oh here's a picture of the conference place.  Haha, and when I took this picture I waited until there was no one in front of the door.  But there were some people about to walk in front and one engineer was like "hey do you want me to pose." lol  he actually isn't in the picture though :p

Well, first off, you should know that the power went out in the entire hotel . . . for several hours (there was a big power outage downstairs.  So there was an emergency generator that kept some of the hallway lights on and one elevator working.  Lol but everything else was down.  It seriously went off the moment I unplugged my computer.  Right after I unplugged it (when it was plugged in it said it had power) I went to the bathroom and the light wouldn't turn on.  At first I didn't notice anything because the light takes forever to turn on anyway lol.  Then in the parking garage it was pitch black so they were giving out glowsticks so you could find the way to your car.  At least that was right before we were going to leave anyway.  And they had power in Monterey! 

When we first got there we walked around the harbor and looked at the beach for a little bit.

Here's some boats :)

A panorama . . . a really crooked panorama.  I really need to stop trying to take panoramas when i'm in a hurry!

More boats.

And, um wow what I surprise!  more boats.

Guess what this one is!  haha it's not boats.  It's the beach.

This is the pier and the beach as well.

Dad and me on the pier

This is me on the pier.  I put my sunglasses on my head for just a minute and they got caught in my hair . . . that's why there's a weird spot sticking up on the right side (or my left side . . . but in the picture it's to the right).

 A boat up close!

We walked around fisherman's wharf for a couple of hours.  There were some pretty cool shops there.  I went into this one store and they had something really funky that I knew Laura would love so I got it for her.  And then in another store my dad bought some fleece jackets to replace the one he bought two years ago and I found something really pretty that I knew Natalie would love so I got that for her.  And in this other store it looked just like a normal touristy gift shop, but the second floor was full of historical recreations of guns and medieval and fantasy swords!  I am SOO glad I went up there--I almost missed it!  So I am now the proud owner of a really cool medieval short sword . . . now I just have to figure out how to get it home without it being confiscated at the airport.  Anyway, Cat, you would have loved that place!  So I also saw something really awesome that Catherine would absolutely love so I got it for her :) (sorry, cat.  It's not a sword . . . but it's still really cool).

Fisherman's wharf!

Oh, that's one of the store's I really like on the far right.  I think it was called Fisherman's Wharf General Store--I got Laura's thing there.

And that pink building (I can't remember the name) where I got my sword and Cat's present.

So the seagull was sitting up there and it scared the heck out of me because it flew away when my head was right next to it.  I wasn't expecting it to stay so close for so long!  Then it landed again and stayed there just long enough for me to take the picture.

We ate at Rappa's Habor View.  I had clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.  It wasn't as good as the clam chowder at Neptune's Palace, but it was still good.  So, there were three reasons I chose to eat at this restaurant.  1.  It had a harbor view.  2.  I really wanted the clam chowder in a bread bowl (and I didn't want to walk all the way back down the pier and look at all the other menus when I already had my dinner picked out).  and 3. . . . I had to pee really bad. lol Yeah, I was not using a port-a-potty and the closest restaurant was too far away . . . lol  It was funny because every single restaurant had a sign saying that they had the best clam chowder on the wharf. 

I actually don't remember what dad ate . . . I think it was some sort of Tilapia.  I tasted it and it was pretty good (not as good as the swordfish though).

Here's me at the restaurant . . . it's really dark, so i retook the picture.

And yes, those are the earrings you gave me, Charlotte (I wear them all the time).

Here's the front of the restaurant.

And here's me in front of the restaurant.

Then we went and ate ice cream here.  It was ridiculous because it was three stinking dollars for the teeniest little cup of ice cream. . . . pitiful.

Before we left I begged dad to take my picture with the pirate in the pirate store :)  And for some reason he had a lot of trouble with the camera.  He kept turning it to video lol.  FInally, after a ton of tries and a bunch of blurry pics we got this one!

So that's what we did yesterday.  And here's what the wharf looked like in the dark.

This is walking down the pier.

 And this one is the front of the pier.

Thanks for reading!  Comments are always welcome! (and wanted)  God bless!

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