Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally, I saw the beach . . . sort of

Today was the last day of the conference and the day we were supposed to go to the beach.  After the conference ended, we drove to Santa Cruz to look at a hotel for tomorrow and go to a beach.  Right after we arrived in Santa Cruz, we decided not only to not go to that hotel, but also to not go to that beach lol. 

Actually, we jumped out of the car and looked at the beach and I did get some pictures.  I didn't get any pictures of the first beach we went to.  But, here's some pictures of the second beach.

I wasn't really going to talk a lot about these pictures because they're pretty self-explanatory.  But, I just thought I'd say that I love this one--it's really pretty.

Oooh, this is a pic of this really cool rock island that had a huge tunnel in the center.

Here's me in front of the island.

 So, yes we ended up driving to two different beaches before just deciding to go to this one beach at a state park . . . and none of them had any shells :(  Dad said that we would just keep driving until we found a cool beach that we liked--one with lots of shells and no people.  So we went on this road really close to the coast . . . but it had no cell phone reception!  Seriously!  And (wait it gets better) so we were talking about what would happen if someone's car broke down or they were attacked and they were no where near a call box . . . then dad realized that we had almost no gas.  That's right, the nearest town is like more than 10 miles away, we're in a no service zone, and the gas light is on and the meter is like below E.  Haha, amazingly, thank the Lord, we actually made it to a gas station just in time--it's a good thing my dad noticed when he did or we would have been stuck!  After that we decided that we would just stop at the beach right there because it was past 8 already.

The beach was really secluded--no people.  But, it had very few shells (just a couple bivalves . . . nothing really that cool).  It was really pretty as well.  And this is the beach that we drove by earlier and turned down lol.

This is the view on the way to the beach.  It was a ridiculously long trail to get there!  But it was pretty.

 Here's my dad on the beach :)

Here's a blurry pic of me.

 The path up to the beach.

This is the beach before going down the steep rocks to get to it.

Me on the beach again.

 The moon was pretty . . . and there's no zoom on my camera so it's that little white speck in the sky.

We were really hungry then so we drove back to Santa Cruz and walked around for a long time before deciding what to eat.  We ended up eating at this cute little place called Joe's.  I had a picture of my dad, but his eyes were closed lol.

I look awful because my hair exploded at the beach lol.

Then we got ice cream from Coldstone Creamery.  I had white chocolate ice cream with Heath bar, Butterfinger, and KitKat mixed in with carmel and chocolate sauce.  mmmmm that was good.

Now we have to move out of the Hilton tomorrow morning so we'll be going to some cheapy hotel lol.  I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!

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