Monday, May 2, 2011

DELTA stands for "Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive"

I know I said I would post pictures last night . . . but I didn't.  I was going to, but I realized that it wouldn't matter if I waited until the morning because if I posted them at 10PM here it would be 1AM in Cleveland.  So I might as well try to get some sleep and just post the pix in the morning.  Speaking of which it is only 9AM here (i've been up since 7AM), so I'm not being incredibly lazy and sleeping 'til noon :)  (in body time it is around noon).

The first flight from CLE to minneapolis was cramped and FREEEEEEEZING!  And the second flight was a comfortable temperature and I had enough room to breathe.  Nothing else really exciting happened on the plane.  Oh, except I heard one of the passengers joking that DELTA stands for "Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive."  (I overheard her saying that she lost a large suitcase through delta on another trip.  apparently she bought a ton of new clothes specifically for the trip, but she never got to wear them). Considering that I REALLY needed my suitcase I was a little nervous the rest of the trip.  But, thankfully, all our suitcases arrived safely in CA.  At the hotel, I found a notice in my suitcase saying that it was randomly chosen for inspection . . . which explains why my body wash was open and the clothes were really messed up.  I thought they might want to look at my bag because it was really, really heavy (I had to put a ton of textbooks in it . . .).

Ok, so here are some pics I took from the plane window.  Of course i didn't take any above cleveland because there were clouds . . . duh.  But, believe it or not, in other places you can actually see the sun and there aren't that many clouds!!!  So, I took some pictures just to prove it lol.  Oh, and these were taken through a plane window with a cell phone camera . . . and I'm not a photographer so these aren't that great.

I'm pretty sure that this is the Salt Lake . . . note the lack of clouds.

I'm pretty sure that these are the Rockies . . . again I'm only pretty sure ('cause that's what dad told me) and again note the lack of clouds.

Now, just to prove that I was above the clouds (and yes there was a cloud here and there . . . but nothing like in OH).  The dark spots on the ground are the shadows of the clouds!!

This is over CA and I thought that the geometric pattern of roads and the different uses of land (resulting in different colored areas) was really cool looking.

More of the same--pretty cool looking.

I actually don't know what or where this is.  I didn't ask my dad, and he's in a meeting right now so I definitely can't ask him now.  But, I just thought this was pretty. Kind of looks like it's floating . . .

 So that's all of the plane pictures.  Here's some pictures that I got through the car window on the way to the hotel.  This is the first palm tree that I saw (I might have seen another one . . . but this is the first one that I thought to take a picture of).  I love palm trees.

Here are more palm trees . . . and the reflection of something in the window lol.

 So we're staying in the Hilton Hotel in San Jose.  The interior of the hotel is really REALLY modern looking.  So far I've either been carrying a humongous load of luggage or been in a big hurry every time I've walked through the lobby . . . but I will get some pictures before the week's over.  There are these awesome spherical chairs that I'm going to sit in and have dad take a picture.

Here's a picture of our hotel room . . .  It's really small so i can't figure out why it's so expensive--at least dad's company is paying for it.  And, yes that is my dad in the lower right hand corner lol.  We were incredibly tired . . . and still we stayed up until 12AM (or 3AM body time).  I really don't know how I stayed up so late because I had been awake for almost two entire days--close to 48 hours.

Here's the view out the window.

And here's looking down through the window . . . more palm trees!

So that's it for now.  I'll post pictures of where we went for lunch and where we went in the evening later. I"m thinking I'll post in the morning after breakfast from now on (in the afternoon for you if you're in OH) that's just a very convenient time.


  1. Nice photos.

    Whenever I get a chance to go to India I'm so going to be taking photos the whole entire trip.

  2. Thanks!

    Do you actually have a plan to go to India? Or is it just a dream at this point? Either way that's really neat--my uncle lived in India for several years and we have a lot of handmade clothes from India.