Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Funny thing on Pier 39

So, I totally forgot to post this in the last post.  anyways this is hilarious.

Just as dad and I were headed to the car, this older guy came up and started talking to us and wanted money for his church (yeah right . . . at 10PM when no one else is on the pier??).  So he was really nice but then he said something to dad about his wife.  Well dad and I both started laughing and we're like trying to explain that I'm his daughter and not his wife lol . . . :)  The guy was a little embarrassed, but he laughed it off.  Right before we left the pier we ran into him again and he said "oh, there's that cute couple again haha" and started laughing.  Either I look 40 or dad looks 20 . . . or maybe we both look 30 lol

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