Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So here are the pictures I promised!  I had to run into town today, so I went outside and took some pictures of all the animals when I got back (I happened to have my phone with me).

My chickies!!  They're sooo huge!!  I really hate the white leghorn . . . she's so annoying and flies around and squawks like an idiot every time I go near her.  The big barred rock is really nice though :)  she's always waiting in the morning and lets me pick her up and stroke her feathers.

There's only 8.  My sister's dog, Wyndy, had a snack while I was gone    :(  I lost the Australorp to Wyndy and one of the Wyandottes died (but not because of the dog).

Ok so here's the cats.  My cat, Indra, just had a litter and so did my sister's cat, Nina.  I don't really have any pictures of Nina's kittens--but they're all orange so nothing really special.
Here's Indra!  She's such a good mommy--too bad 'cause we have an appointment with the vet soon :p

Joren.  He's the weirdest color--it's a light peach color.  He's such a sweetie!

Artix.  I love this little patch of white right on the end of his tail--it's so adorable!

Sitara.  but i call her Tara for short :)  she's so gorgeous! and cuddly too :)  she always jumps up onto Mac's stall door when I'm trying to clean the stall out  

Connor!  He's one of Indie's kittens.  The other one is Cooper and he's orange.  I really want to keep Connor  because he runs up to me and starts purring every time he sees me :) 

Now here's a picture of my dog, Rayne (and Galaxy, the goat).

OK and here's some more pictures of Galaxy, or Alax for short :)  He's so sweet!  He follows me everywhere  (except through the mud)!

This is actually an old picture--from like early May--but before I trusted Alax not to run off I would clip his leash to my belt loop and he would follow me that way :)

And here's Alax next to Indra

Here's my rabbits.  They're both Siamese Sable Netherland Dwarf does.

Eleos (Leo)

Charis.  Charis is Leo's mom.

Now for my favorite, as much as I love all my animals I do have a favorite, Macintosh!!  Alax is a close second, but Mac wins hands down as my favorite!  haha he looks awful right now because of his winter coat STILL coming out lol.  But soon it'll be show season so he'll have to clean up pretty soon.

My sisters went camping the other day and the tent is still up.  Oh so yesterday my family went down to the river and I took Mac with me.  Surprisingly he came in the water with me and loved it!  He kept pawing the water and tried to roll in it at one point lol.  It was fun to swim with him--especially in 90 degree weather!

Well that's it for now!  I'll have more stuff later--I've been working really hard on 4-H.  Oh, and in other news  I just applied for a couple jobs, 'cause I need money, so please pray that I can get a summer job!

Oh yeah, I'm back! Finally . . .

Ok, so I probably should have said that I was going to take a break from blogging.  After blogging so so soooooo much in CA I was sure I would never blog again.  Actually I was going to take a break for about a week or so, but it ended being close to a month . . . yeah.  But, yes I am back!  I will be posting something interesting very soon.  Hopefully tonight.  I just need to remember to take my camera outside with me so I can take some pictures.  I need to post some pictures of my enormous chicks!  They're so big.  Yeah, so I'll get to that asap!