Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hotel Pics and Fun Pics

Ok, so here's some pictures of the hotel and some of the fun pictures I took yesterday.  There will be one or two (or maybe three or four) from the last post, but the majority are new pics.  Ironically, I took a lot of pics of the hotel and outside because I thought I wouldn't have enough pictures for the blog.  But, I ended up having so many that I needed to break yesterday's events into two posts.

Here's the pics of the hotel.  This is the staircase you see when you first come in.

Here's a pic I took of me in the mirror . . . and that's the bathroom door in the background.

Ooooh this is the cool green couch and the cool "art" thing when you first come into the hotel.

This is another view of the staircase and the the hotel restaurant Affinity.  There's this weird sculpture/fountain in front of the staircase (you can see it in the Affinity logo in the far left).  And there's this really long explanation of what it means . . . yeah like I said, weird.  And, i don't know why this pic is in this spot . . . these are really out of order.  oh, and I think that's my dad's arm in the bottom left-hand corner.

This is our hallway and dad is trying to open the door to our room.

Here's the fun pics.  And these are also out of order.  I didn't feel like putting them in the right order . . . and for this post I don't think it really matters.

This is the sidewalk on the way to the brewery.

This is also somewhere near the hotel and the brewery.

This is a building we passed.

Ok, so it was really hard to take all these pictures because I can't stop walking or I'll get left behind.  So it's like pictures on the run.  there was a whole wall full of these lights and I kept missing them because we were walking too fast . . . on the last try (the last light!) I finally got this.  It's in a weird setting called "split" so it put it in all these different frames.

 This is the panorama that I almost got.  The first two frames turned out neat, but then the crosswalk thingy said we could go . . . so I didn't get the last frame lol

This is a really cool clock thing that I really wanted a picture of so I ran ahead and by the time everyone else caught up I had an ok picture :)

I know this is in the other post, but I like the angle.

 This one is cool.  The wall was very textured and then there was this random spot of bricks.

I like this one--it looks like a picture you'd see on a hotel wall. What do you think of this one?

Here's the other one that I really liked.   What do you think? 

 Ok, one more that I actually liked.  The others are just kind of . . . blah.  and I was practically running while taking the pictures lol.

 That's it for now.  I think we're doing something fun tonight, so hopefully I'll get some more pictures.

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