Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Root Beer

So, we really didn't do anything today except go out for dinner . . . but more on that later.  I pretty much just hung out in the hotel room all day.  I didn't really feel like walking around San Jose and the only things within walking distance are restaurants . . . lots and lots of restaurants.  Yeah, I didn't really feel like walking around and looking at restaurants right after lunch lol.

Dad got out of the conference at like 5:30PM  (a little bit late . . .) then he said we were going to meet with his buddies and then go out to dinner.  haha, that didn't happen until 8PM . . . seriously (it might have been 7PM, but it was still really late.  Anyways we went to go find the guys in this huge convention center full of geeks and nerds (and there's nothing wrong with being a geek or a nerd.  It was just funny. shirts tucked in, pants pulled up to their chests, walking around with two or more hugely stuffed briefcases, oh yes, and laughing at C++ jokes . . . i could go on).  and dad wanted to stop at like every single booth.  I was in the middle of watching a TV show when I left and I really didn't care . . . until we had spent more than an hour in there.  Needless to say I was really bored (and sorry I didn't think of taking any pictures of that).  The cool thing was a magician that did a bunch of cool tricks with a rope that he would break apart and then put back together right in front of you.  And he did this really cool card trick were instead of finding my card when he shuffled the deck the name of the card appeared in writing on the side.  Oh, and he took my dad's 1000 rubles and burned it up but then made it reappear in an envelope that had been inside his jacket :)  that was cool.  And he gave me some flying stretchy monkeys (that scream when you press their bellies).  Other than that the rest was really boring.

So . . . finally we found everyone and they decided to meet in the lobby at 7:15 (it was actually more like 7:30).  And we ended up walking to Gordon Biersch Brewery.  Yes, a brewery . . . and yes, I did drink beer.  haha, just root beer!  It was awesome, homemade root beer.  Thankfully, I was really thirsty so I really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, I was really thirsty, so i drank ALOT!  I don't know how many times the server came by and refilled my glass lol.  Anyways I ordered Fire-grilled Chicken and Fettuccine.  And, it was amazing!  I was really mad because I drank so much root beer by the time my food arrived I wasn't really that hungry, so i only ate half :(  but it was really good. 

So there were 7 engineers at the table . . . so guess what they talked about the whole time.  Well, actually I can't answer that because I really have no idea what they were talking about.  Since I know a little bit about computers (html, css, java script, and python), I was able to understand a very little bit of what they were saying.  The rest of the time I pretty much zoned out . . . and played around with the camera on my phone.

So here's the sign of the restaurant/brewery.

Here's the side of the building. Or it might be the front . . . the entrance was on the side.  So either the entrance was on the side and this is the front, or the entrance was on the front that looked like the side meaning that the front of the building is actually the side.  Confused yet? :)

 Here's another picture of the brewery.  this is the entrance that's either on the side or the front.

We had to wait a little bit for them to set up a table for us to eat at since there were 8 of us.  I felt like a little kid 'cause I totally had no idea what they were talking about so I took some pictures while waiting.  Please note: I am NOT a photographer.  I was using a cell phone camera so these aren't the best quality. . . and I also have no idea what I'm doing.

There was this really cool brick wall in the outside waiting area.  I loved the natural colors and the textures . . . and then there was this spot with a bunch of bricks that looked really cool.

I really just had to photograph what was there.  And what was there happened to be an umbrella.

I actually like this one--what do you think?  I was trying to be creative and juxtapose the colorful, textured wall with a small section of the smooth, mono-colored door frame (it's got other colors . . . but it's mainly one color).

Here's a pic of my chicken fettuccine.

Ok so, like I said earlier, I was really bored in the restaurant.  and, yes, these are "bad" on purpose.  I wanted to have a curvy table and extra forks :) (no, seriously it was on purpose--i think they're hilarious looking.  Actually pretty much anything in hilarious when your stuck at a table with 7 engineers lol)

I had to work with what was there.  So here's a picture of my root beer glass with another really cool brick wall in the background.

and here's just the brick wall.  isn't it neat looking?  i should have taken an up close picture.

Ok, so here's where i was getting really, really bored.  I discovered that my camera will take up to nine shots in a row...hehe.  So after a few normal tries, I started turning the camera this way and that and ended up with a sort of Alice in wonderland falling down the rabbit hole effect.

This is the wall to the right of our table.  I think it looks cool in black and white.

And here's a picture that I didn't take.  This is me at the table.  Actually I didn't sit here lol I sat on the other side, but I wanted the brick wall to be in the background.

Well that's it for now.  I'm going to post some pics of the hotel in another post and some more of the "fun" (but really bad) pics I took yesterday.  So, now that I've thoroughly embarrassed myself by showing you my awesome photography skills, or lack thereof, I hope you'll still keep reading lol

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